Flex Elite Program: FLex Starter & Plus Programs Included


9 Month Program: $179 Mo (One SSN Account)


Advanced Deletions and Public records

       - Repossessions

       - Bankruptcy

       - Tax liens

       - Judgments, etc.

Heavy Credit Disputes

Bad Debt Collector Disputes

Correct Negative Payment Histories

(6-9 months turn around)


Must Purchase Credit Monitoring System To Start Flex Starter Program: $21.99  (NOT INCLUDED)


All Flex Programs Include FREE Financial Education + Financial Plan

Access To A LIVE Financial Expert

Flex Elite Program (Monthly)

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
Elite Program
(Single SSN Account)
$179.00every month for 9 months
Elite Program
(1 SSN Account Add On)
$159.00every month for 9 months