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Plus Program: Starter Program Included


6 Month Program: $149 Mo (One SSN Account)


Minimum Negative Deletions

Minimum Credit Disputes

Correct Payment History

Includes Opt-Out Reporting

Up to 20 deletions and 20 late payments updated

(3-6 months turn around)


Must Purchase Credit Monitoring System To Start Flex Plus Program: $19.99  (NOT INCLUDED)


All Flex Programs Include FREE Financial Education + Financial Plan

Access To A LIVE Financial Expert


To process payment follow the directions of your screen

Flex Plus ENROLLMENT: $299 To Start / $149mo

Excluding Sales Tax

Client contract & Enrollment fee must be paid for services to begin. The client may cancel this contract, without any penalty or obligation, at any time before midnight of the 3rd day after the date the contract is signed by the client and their enrollment fee has been paid and processed.

"To cancel this contract, the client must email a dated copy of the cancellation notice to, or any other written notice to Abundant Living Consulting, Credit Flex Department DBA ALCC, 200 Dick St Ste D Fayetteville NC 28301 stating "I, Client Name, hereby cancel this transaction, (date) (purchaser's signature)."

If written cancelation is received within the three-day grace period, the notice will also cancel the recurring monthly program fees. Any cancellation after the three-day grace period but before the program membership fee due date will result in a 100.00 processing fee deduction from the enrollment, with the remaining amount, $100.99, being returned to the client. Any notice to cancel services after the 30-day period, no money will be returned to the client, and the client's enrollment fee becomes non-refundable.

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